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Questions & Facts about Copper Recycling

Where can it be found? Copper can be found in pipes, coils, insulated wires and more. Copper can be found within every day households and house-ware items as well as businesses, construction sites, and more.

Some studies say copper is “man’s oldest metal”. This metal has been used and reused for thousands of years. We’re trying our best to keep it going for thousands more.

That means some copper used today could have been first fabricated into objects thousands of years ago. It is the second best conductor of electricity next to silver.

How much is my copper worth? The price that we pay you for bringing in your copper depends on what kind of copper it is. To get an estimate, please just call either of our main offices.

North LV: (702) 643-2218

Henderson: (702) 856-0866

Fun Facts:

  • 62,000 pounds of copper was used in the creation of the Statue of Liberty? Copper can be restored and recycled for use multiple times to conduct heat and electricity.

  • Copper has been used by humans longer than any other metal. Pretty neat how long this material can last. A reminder of why we reuse and recycle.

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