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How does recycling work at your facility?

Our team and yard managers try to make the process as easy as possible. Bring your materials to either location, get weighed at a scale, and take your ticket to the cashier to reclaim your payment for materials.

Do you recycle plastic bottles?

No, we do not take plastic bottles. 


Do you pay CRV for aluminum cans? 

No. The state of Nevada and all recycling facilities in Nevada cannot pay the California Redemption Value.  It is illegal to bring out of state cans or bottles to California to recoup the CRV and violators can be charged with fraud and a felony. 

How do I sign up my business for a recycling program?

Get a free business evaluation directly from our website by filling out a few questions. Our management will be in touch with you as soon as possible. You can also call either of our offices and ask for a manager to discuss details about the multiple services we have to offer.

Do I need to bring my ID? 

Yes, it is required by law (NRS647.094) in Nevada to bring valid identification to recycle.

Is it okay if my ID is out-of-state?

Yes, any VALID identification from out-of-state is accepted.

What are you paying right now for recyclables?

Nevada Recycling does NOT post prices as they are due to change on a daily basis. Please call either office for current and correct pricing. 

How do I get paid?

Once you've had your materials weighed by the yard manager you will receive a receipt for your weight and type of materials. Bring your receipt to the cashier with your Valid ID to redeem your payment. 

Do you recycle liquid?

No, we do not accept any liquids of any kind.

Do you recycle glass?

No, we currently do not accept any glass material.

Do you take water heaters?

Yes, as long as they are empty.

Do you take clothes by the pound?

No, we do not accept any clothing or fabric materials. Check out some local charities around town - they are always in need.

Can I recycle my TV?

No, we cannot recycle televisions or monitors with glass and/or plasma screens.

Do you pay for cardboard?

The paper market is constantly fluctuating so we will accept cardboard materials but always call either office for accurate pricing.

Do you take tires?

No, we cannot accept tires or any rubber materials. Please visit our recyclables section of our website to see all materials we are currently accepting.

Can we search through your paper recycling for coupons?

No, we are unable to allow anyone to sort through any materials as it's a safety hazard.

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