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10 Amazing Recycling Pictures from Nevada Recycling

We buy a wide range of scrap metal from local, industrial, and commercial businesses. We accept residential drop-offs, too and both Nevada Recycling locations. Call today for a quote on your material. We are family owned and more than happy to help.

Check out this massive wire recovery from a local electrician and contractor. We take on major projects- no job is too big! We pay top dollar for materials like these. We accept insulated wire and bare wire. Prices vary on material/grade.

Copper wire bright and shiny #1 clean copper - we pay top dollar for this material! Bare wire is best but we accept it with insulation. Save time and labor when you bring your insulated wire to Nevada Recycling.

Another massive haul of electrical wire brought in from a local contractor. Electrical wires and cables can contain very valuable materials such as copper and aluminum. If you can't reuse them - please take your old wires and cables to the nearest Nevada Recycling facility.

A nationwide known plumbing supplier brought in about 7,000 lbs of bright and shiny copper piping. Suppliers can run into some issues on the job with their materials that are not "up-to-code" or insurance quality. We are a great resource for disposing these materials properly. Bring your discards in to Nevada Recycling!

An up-close look at the copper insulated inside this solar cable. Aluminum and copper wire can be redeemed for top dollar cash and either Nevada Recycling location. Copper can be recycled an infinite amount of times. It will be used in electrical components and building structures for many years to come.

A 40-yard bin FULL of aluminum cans. Wow -- what a sight! These cans will be transformed into compacted bales that then become processed into new aluminum material.

Our favorite, 30,000 pounds of straight bright and shiny no#1 copper. We pay a competitive rate for all of our material. We work with businesses in Las Vegas big and small. No job is too big for us and we are here to help recover as much copper that we can.

What on earth?! Is that a car wash? Yes, yes it is. We recycled the whole complete unit. Nevada Recycling can be your trusted partner in recycling obscure, large, non-traditional materials and items.

These aren't your Grandma's sewing spools, but they sure are recyclable! We recovered some excess/discarded solar cable spools from a local project. Once unusable - it's much better to bring your discards to Nevada Recycling than to take up uneccessary space at the landfill. Call Nevada Recycling, today!

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