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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Recycling Air Conditioning Units

1. Nevada Recycling in North Las Vegas & Henderson will BUY & RECYCLE your whole AC unit(s). From household - industrial size. We'll save you time and labor!

2. Many homeowners make the mistake of throwing away their old air conditioners, but take note – you should never throw your air conditioner in the trash. They have many precious metals, parts, and pieces that can be recycled.

3. Most AC systems generally contain steel, aluminum, copper, and brass components.

4. Nevada Recycling in Las Vegas is one of the only reputable whole AC recycling services available in the Las Vegas Valley.

5. Leftover refrigerant can be dangerous if left to evaporate and will harm the ozone layer. We properly dispose of refrigerant so you don't have to worry.

Get the most value out of your old/broken units when you recycle with Nevada Recycling. We offer two convenient locations in town. We pay the highest in southern Nevada for recycling HVAC units and systems.

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